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18 01 2018

As part of the TYPOLOGY TALKS series Daniel Niggli and Mathias Müller of EM2N will hold a lecture about the topic of „Prototypologies“, followed by a short discussion panel.

The event will be held in English.

EM2N aims to produce architecture that is powerful and personal, architecture with the capability of developing its own character. As a result our projects may polarize the public, which is fine with us. One may love or hate our architecture, but one should never be left indifferent.

As post-idealistic children of the 1968-generation, we do not recognise a single great truth, but find in the fractures of real­ity a ground in which to anchor architecture. This is the radicalism that we derived from Venturi’s ‘both-and’ principle. But both-and should not be mistaken as being arbitrary or indecisive. Behind and within it lies the problematic recognition of equitable values, and a longing for an architecture that renounces all dogma, opening itself to the freedom of possibility.

18.01.2018 19:00

Institut für Architektur, Foyer 1. OG

Daniel Niggli
Mathias Müller
Sebastian Labis